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Funniest answering machine message ever! - YouTube
Oct 22, 2006 . A Guy Witnesses an Accident When Still On The Phone Talking On Someones Answering Machine and Explaining What Is Happening.

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Funny Voicemail Greeting For Your Phone - YouTube
Jan 25, 2011 . I made this "grouchy voicemail" for whoever is tired of the boring old voicemail your phone service provides. I will have more funny voicemail .

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VoiceNation - Funny Voicemail
Funny voice mail messages are an excellent alternative for people that are looking . own then you can check out some of the funny voice mail messages below.

home - Silly Answering Machine Messages
Funny Answering Machine Messages. "Hey guess who this is? You guessed it. Guess what you have to do now? you guessed it. Guess what's next?

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Creative Voicemail Messages - Professional & Funny Voicemail ...
The best creative and funny voicemail messages along with professional voicemail greetings.

Funny Audio Files
Funny audio files, sound files, and answering machine messages. . Description: Welcome to the Afterlife Voice Mail system. If you're trying to reach Heaven, .

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Funny Voicemail Messages
The best funny voicemail messages: Bob's voicemail is broken. This is his refrigerator. Please speak very slowly, and I'll stick your message to myself with one of .

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3 Best Sites To Download Free Funny Voicemail Messages
Nov 7, 2009 . Does anyone still remember the answering machine? You know the thing that your 800 voicemails have made obsolete? Maybe your parents .

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Voicemail: Funny voicemail messages from viewers, morning news ...
Robin look-a-like, Frank Holland is cute, Shaolin Warriors. WGN Morning News' daily Voicemail segment where they answer viewer voicemails an.


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